We have helped people from a variety of places recover their health.  Our Health Coaches have worked closely with people and as they drink our tea supplement they have noticed significant changes in their health.  Currently, we have customers in Southern CA and they will also send Neem is Life! to their relatives in Mexico and Latin America.  Read the testimonials below of how Neen is Life! has changed their lives.

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I had diabetes for about 10 years and was terminally diagnosed in April 2013.  After drinking neem tea for about six months, I visited my doctor who initially diagnosed me with diabetes.  I was then told that my glucose and blood pressure levels were stable, my vision was back to normal and all the other diabetic symptoms were nonexistent.

Carlos P., 45, Guatemala, 2013

About a year ago, I was diagnosed as a diabetic. I was experiencing fatigue, headaches and frequent dizziness. After drinking neem tea for five months, I went for an exam and the doctor found that my glucose and blood pressure levels were back to normal. I’ve felt great ever since and with an extra boost of energy.

Salome C., 80, Los Angeles, CA, 2014

I’ve had diabetes type 2 for 25 years, and before drinking neem I was at serious risk of having to go through dialysis. Due to several years of this disease, I also suffered from poor vision and extreme fatigue. After one week of the treatment, I had renewed energy. After a month I no longer needed glasses, and after three months I was told that I was no longer at risk for dialysis.

Berta G., 48, Moreno Valley, CA, 2014

I suffered a heart attack in 2009 and had nine stents inplanted. Some symptoms that I experienced ever since were extreme fatigue, tingling in my hands, foot pain, high cholesterol levels, anxiety, and headaches. After drinking neem tea for six months, I recovered my energy and no longer felt any more symptoms.

Valentin G., (Maravilloso Te Co-founder)